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Welsh Love Spoons

Personalised Welsh Love Spoons for Weddings and Anniversaries. Little Signs is based in beautiful North Wales and as the age old tradition in Wales of offering a carved wooden Love Spoon as a gift of love and friendship we offer our customers a beautiful range of carved and engraved Welsh love Spoons. Our beautiful range of Welsh Love Spoons can be offered in a gift box if required to enhance the gift experience. Below are listed some of the designs and their meanings: Bell – Weddings or Anniversaries Balls in a cage – Love held safe or number of children Birds – Love birds. Stork represents a new birth Celtic Knot – Eternal love Chain – A wish to remain forever together or number of children Cross – A wish to have faith in Christ Jesus or, A wish to be bound together in Christ or A wish for God to bless Diamond – Wealth or Good fortune Heart – Love and affection Horseshoe – Good luck Key or Keyhole – Security or I shall look after you Twisted Stem – Togetherness Dragon – Symbol of Wales Please allow 2-4 working days for dispatch. If you require a Love Spoon sooner or need help please contact us and we will be very happy to help. For our full range of Welsh Love Spoons please visit our main website www.WelshLoveSpoonShop.co.uk