Personalised Welsh Love Spoons for Weddings and Anniversaries. Little Signs is based in beautiful North Wales and as the age old tradition in Wales of offering a carved wooden Love Spoon as a gift of love and friendship we offer our customers a beautiful range of carved and engraved Welsh love Spoons. Our beautiful range of Welsh Love Spoons can be offered in a gift box if required to enhance the gift experience.

Below are listed some of the designs and their meanings:

Bell – Weddings or Anniversaries
Balls in a cage – Love held safe or number of children
Birds – Love birds. Stork represents a new birth
Celtic Knot – Eternal love
Chain – A wish to remain forever together or number of children
Cross – A wish to have faith in Christ Jesus or, A wish to be bound together in Christ or A wish for God to bless
Diamond – Wealth or Good fortune
Heart – Love and affection
Horseshoe – Good luck
Key or Keyhole – Security or I shall look after you
Twisted Stem – Togetherness
Dragon – Symbol of Wales

Please allow 2-4 working days for dispatch. If you require a Love Spoon sooner or need help please contact us and we will be very happy to help. For our full range of Welsh Love Spoons please visit our main website